The Parents of Pinnacle (POP) is the main booster club on the Pinnacle High School campus. You can compare us to the PTA/PTO’s from your elementary or middle schools. We work to make each student's experience at PHS special.

"Who does POP help?"

Just like in elementary and middle school, POP needs the support of our families to be successful. Different from elementary and middle school, high school has a wide array of programs that students & parents can become involved with. There are sports like football, baseball, softball, basketball & clubs like drama, chorus, band…and the list goes on.

"I pay club dues. Doesn't that mean I'm supporting POP?"

When students join a sports team or club, the parents usually support that individual team or club and by doing so, think they are supporting the school as a whole. Unfortunately, this is a misconception. Memberships and dues paid to teams and clubs stay within that program.

What POP does is support the school as a whole, including the individual booster clubs on campus. What parents may not realize is that without (POP), the individual booster clubs would not be allowed to operate.

"How does POP operate?"

POP carries the school wide 501(C)3 status that each team and club needs to operate along with the insurance that is required by the PV School District. POP also oversees the bank accounts and does all the tax preparation for these clubs. In addition, we sponsor and pay for such programs as Teacher & Staff Appreciation (which provides breakfasts, lunches and treats to our amazing PHS staff), Project Grad (for our graduates to keep them safe on grad night) and POP scholarships. POP also works closely with the Principal and school administration on any projects that may come up during the school year.

"What is your fundraising goal?"

The Parents of Pinnacle’s operating budget is $60,000 each year. We need support from our Pinnacle families every year to meet our budgetary goals and fund all our programs.

"How can I help?"

There are a wide variety of ways you can participate. Most importantly, become a member of POP for only $25 and know that you are supporting the entire Pinnacle student body! You can also make a tax-deductible donation to the POP general fund or directly to a specific event. You can drop off items to donate to our used goods drive. Volunteer your time by signing up to help with an event. Or enjoy a special night out by purchasing a ticket for our annual auction and dinner.